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This article is about the Wilfred in the Australian version of the show. For the American Wilfred see Wilfred (US)

Wilfred is the titular protagonist in the Australian version of Wilfred. He is played by Jason Gann.


Wilfred is an unknown entity that appears as a man in a dog suit only to Adam, the boyfriend of Sarah whom is Wilfred's owner. He dislikes Adam, because he feels as though Adam will steal Sarah from him.

Despite being incredibly vulgar and doing many things that are frowned upon throughout the series, Wilfred is a very emotional character and usually prefers to be by himself making music.



Wilfred was born to Arthur and his (now deceased) mother, who's name is unknown, and had an older brother Arthur who died in the Iraq war

Prior to Sarah adopting him, Wilfred was well known at the pound for coming in and out almost like clockwork.


Wilfred is hanging out in the living room when Sarah bring Adam home. Adam appears to see Wilfred as a human in a dog outfit while everyone else sees him as a regular dog.


  • Wilfred is 1/16 Dingo and the rest is a mix between German Shepherd and Labrador
  • The Australian Wilfred costume is slightly different from the US. It has fake toenails attached to the feet and the zipper is more prominent. Also Jason Gann lacks a beard in the Australian version.
  • It is unexplained in the AU why Wilfred is perceived the way he is. While Adam is the only character to see Wilfred as a person, Sarah's old friend Sam sees him the same way in the finale.