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Walking the Dog
Season 1, Episode 4
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After Adam and Sarah come across an old video of Sarah's late ex-boyfriend Mark, Adam suggests that they take a day-trip to the beach to help get Sarah's mind off it. However, Sarah takes them to the beach she and Mark often used to visit, upsetting Adam.

Adam goes swimming with Wilfred, but is caught in a riptide and nearly drowns. He is rescued and resuscitated by a pair of surfer/lifesavers, who admonish him for not swimming between the flags. Sarah is greeted by some of Mark's former surfing buddies, who are unimpressed with her new love interest. They return to the local general store for a beer, leaving Wilfred outside. Wilfred leaves the store, annoyed at being ignored. Adam and Sarah have a heart-to-heart about Mark, but they're shocked when they find out that Wilfred has disappeared.

After worrying about Wilfred for hours, they return home to find out that Mark's old friends found him and returned him to Sarah's house.