There Is A Dog
Season 1, Episode 1
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Adam gets invited back to Sarah’s place after a Powderfinger concert, where he meets Wilfred, who offers him marijuana.

Adam is uncertain about Sarah and Wilfred. When Sarah leaves to do some shopping, Wilfred shows Adam the holes that he dug all over the garden, explaining that he has anxiety issues due to Sarah's string of failed relationships. Adam spends the day cleaning the yard. When Sarah returns, she easily convinces him to stay for dinner. Even Wilfred appears to be warming to Adam, providing him with a clean set of clothes and accompanying him to the pub. Over a couple of beers Wilfred questions Adam’s motives, and warns him not to leave Sarah like all her previous boyfriends have done.

After dinner, Adam can't find his own clothes and Sarah gladly invites him to stay another night. In a post-credits scene, Wilfred is seen burning Adam's clothes.

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