Character Information
Gender Male
Race White
Marital Status Single
Status Alive
First Appearance Happiness
Last Appearance Fear

Spencer is one of Ryan's neighbors in the show Wilfred. He is played by Ethan Suplee.


He is one of Ryan's other neighbors. He is known for his rebellious and nefarious ways. He is known for loudly riding his motorcycle around the neighborhood, annoying the neighbors. Mr. Patel also suspects Spencer of vandalizing his statue. In Happiness, Wilfred tricks Ryan into breaking into his house, and convinces Ryan to steal the marijuana plants that Spencer was growing inside, and shit inside his boots. Spencer discovers Ryan's wallet outside the broken window and confronts Ryan in Fear. Ryan lies to Spencer, and he tries to befriend Ryan.

He likes to watch a lot of porn, and it is revealed that his father is a transsexual, and tried to show Ryan a porn that his dad was in. Spencer gets taken by Animal Services, and knows the man that works there, Jesse. They used to be friends until Spencer ripped off Jesse's ear when he found out that Jesse slept with his prostitute girlfriend. Spencer also had sex with Jessie's mother while she was on Ecstasy. Spencer punches Ryan when he finds out that he broke into his house, and is knocked unconscious by Wilfred afterwards. After the incident, he is shown to no longer leave his garbage in a mess, or seen revving his motorcycle in the neighborhood anymore.


Trivia Edit

  • In Resistance, Spencer can be heard revving up his motorcycle, which subsequently wakes Ryan and Jenna up.
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