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Season 4 of Wilfred (U.S. TV Series) began airing on June 25, 2014. It consisted of 10 episodes, and ended on August 13, 2014. The final season is the only season that premiered on FX's sister channel FXX.


Main Cast[]

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Episodes (2014)[]

Image Title Writer Director Airdate Episode
Threewilfredteens.png Amends Reed Agnew & Eli Jorné Randal Einhorn 06/25/14 4.01
With his world in disarray, Ryan has a second chance to make things right.
Beehive.png Consequences David Baldy Randal Einhorn 6/25/14 4.02
Ryan and Wilfred's camping takes a sudden turn when an unexpected guest joins them.
4x3doll.png Loyalty Keith Heisler Randal Einhorn 7/2/14 4.03
Kristen's custody battle has Ryan and Wilfred taking sides.
4x4titlecard.png Answers Matt Patterson Randal Einhorn 7/9/14 4.04
Wilfred is the subject of a scientific study; the results are disconcerting.
Wilfred Forward.jpg Forward Reed Agnew & Eli Jorné Randal Einhorn 7/16/14 4.05
After enduring a troubling incident, Ryan and Wilfred have radically different explanations for the event.
Patterns.jpg Patterns Ted Travelstead Randal Einhorn 7/23/14 4.06
Ryan finds himself ensnared by the "End Game".
Responsibility.jpg Responsibility Jack Kukoda Randal Einhorn 7/30/14 4.07
While Ryan helps his mother as she adapts her new life, Wilfred confronts a new enemy.
WILFRED-s4e8.jpg Courage David Baldy Randal Einhorn 8/6/14 4.08
Wilfred tries to convince Ryan to keep sensitive information from Jenna; Ryan is persuaded.
Wilfredasrealdog.png Resistance David Zuckerman Randal Einhorn 8/13/14 4.09
Ryan's hope is threatened as he faces seemingly unending challenges.
Ba06ab8e49334b36cb5ce7f64f98d9da.jpg Happiness David Zuckerman Randal Einhorn 8/13/14 4.10
The truth about Wilfred is finally revealed.