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Season 2 of Wilfred (U.S. TV Series) began airing on June 21, 2012. It will consisted of 13 episodes and ended September 20, 2012.


Main Cast[]

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Episodes (2012)[]

Image Title Writer Director Airdate Episode
Progress.jpg Progress David Zuckerman Randal Einhorn 06/21/12 2.01
Ryan realizes the consequences of not having Wilfred in his life.
Lettinggo4.jpg Letting Go Reed Agnew & Eli Jorné Randal Einhorn 6/28/12 2.02
Wilfred refuses to help Ryan with his problems.
Wilfred 2x03 01.jpg Dignity Cody Heller & Brett Konner Randal Einhorn 7/5/12 2.03
Ryan begins to notice that his canine friend's popularity may be causing problems for his own reputation amongst people they know, which leads to him trying to put an end to the adoring praise being received by the furry personality.
Wilfred 2x04 01.jpg Guilt Steve Tompkins Randal Einhorn 7/12/12 2.04
Ryan must prevent Wilfred from waging war against an unlikely foe.
Wilfred 2x05 01.jpg Now David Baldy Randal Einhorn 7/19/12 2.05
A traumatic experience creates unexpected consequences for Ryan and Wilfred.
Wilfred 2x06 01.jpg Control Scott Prendergast Randal Einhorn 7/26/12 2.06
Ryan's plans to introduce Amanda to Jenna are complicated by Wilfred.
Wilfred 2x07 01.jpg Avoidance Jason Gann Randal Einhorn 8/2/12 2.07
Wilfred and Ryan’s friendship is threatened during a sticky encounter.
Wilfred 2x08 01.jpg Truth David Zuckerman Randall Einhorn 8/9/12 2.08
Wilfred’s nemesis returns with an offer that rocks Ryan’s world.
Wilfred 2x09 01.jpg Service Reed Agnew & Eli Jorné Randall Einhorn 8/16/12 2.09
An impromptu road trip leaves Wilfred, Ryan and his family in peril.
Wilfred 2x10 01.png Honesty Jason Gann Randall Einhorn 8/23/12 2.10
Ryan and Wilfred go to extraordinary lengths to help Jenna's career.
Wilfred 2x11 01.jpg Questions Cody Heller & Brett Konner Randal Einhorn 8/30/12 2.11
Ryan looks inward to discover the truth about Wilfred.
Wilfred 2x12 01.jpg Resentment David Baldy Randal Einhorn 9/13/12 2.12
Wilfred sabotages Jenna and Drew's wedding on account of Ryan's jealousy.
Wilfred 47174.jpg Secrets Story by: David Zuckerman

Teleplay by: David Zuckerman & Scott Prendergast

Randal Einhorn 9/20/12 2.13
Wilfred and Ryan are confronted by shocking existential questions about life and love.