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Season 1 of Wilfred (AU TV Series) is comprised of eight episodes running from March 19 to May 7, 2007. Each episode follows the story about a girl named Sarah, her dog Wilfred and her boyfriend, Adam. After their first date, Adam goes home with Sarah and meets her scruffy pet dog Wilfred, but Adam (as well as the audience) sees the latter as a human dressed in an unconvincing dog costume. The dog develops a grudge against his owner's new boyfriend and tests him to see if he is capable of being his new "daddy". At the same time, Wilfred sees Adam as a potential companion. It is the tension between these two competing desires that sets up much of the conflict of the series. According to Zwar, Wilfred is a story of Australian mateship: "...it's a story about two blokes; just one happens to be a dog".

Season 1 of Wilfred was released on DVD in Australia by SBS and Madman Entertainment in April 2007.