Richard was a member of The Flock Of The Grey Shepherd. He is portrayed by Jason Gann.

Character Information
Gender Male
Race White
Marital Status Unknown
Occupation Mataman Actor (Retired)
Status Unknown
First Appearance Happiness (Series Finale)
Last Appearance Happiness (Series Finale)

Description Edit

Richard was described as a prick who was extremely preachy. He often told people how to live their lives, and this caused most people to dislike him. He was also known as the one who acted out Mataman in the rituals hosted by The Flock Of The Grey Shepherd.

Note Edit

  • Though Richard is never physically seen in Wilfred, he plays a huge part of the story. Ryan's memory of Richard portraying Mataman in The Flock rituals is what caused his image to be projected onto Wilfred which is why Ryan sees Wilfred as Richard in a dog suit.
  • Because Richard was likely the most devoted of the cult, out of all the members, he probably treated Ryan with the most respect as a child, due to Charles saying Ryan was the chosen one. Because of this and because Richard who dress in a dog suit, it is possible this is the reason Ryan sees Wilfred the way he does.
  • It is possible he had an Australian accent because Ryan pictures Wilfred as having one. However, it is unknown if this is true or not.
  • Richard was regarded as a prick who often told people how to live their lives. This relates to Wilfred, who often functions as an abrasive conscience who uses Ryan in mind games while at the same time giving him advice.

Appearances Edit

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