Rashida Jones
Actor Information
Born February 25, 1976
Age 38
Marital Status Single
Occupation Actress, Author, Screenwriter, Singer
Character Lisa

Rashida Jones is an American actress, author, screenwriter, and singer. She plays Lisa in Wilfred (U.S. Series).

Biography Edit

Jones was born February 25, 1976 in Los Angeles, California to a musician for a father and an actress for a mother.

She made her acting debut in a 1997 mini series titled The Last Don. After being casted in several productions including Boston Public and Chapelle's Show, Jones considered leaving her acting career behind in the hopes of pursuing a graduate degree in public policy. However, after she was offered a role in the hit American TV show The Office she decided to join their cast instead.

In 2009, Jones began voicing parts in the Adult Swim show Robot Chicken. Later in 2009 she began her roles as Ann Perkins in Parks and Recreation.

Aside from these main roles Jones has also stared in many other movies and TV shows.

She has appeared in one episode of Wilfred. (Respect)

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