Character Information
Gender Male
Race White
Marital Status Unknown
Occupation Ryan's Spirit Guide
Status Unknown
Location Ryan's head
First Appearance Questions
Last Appearance Questions

P.T.,  otherwise known as Photographer Theo (Possibly Photography Technician, also commonly known as Dark Room Guy) is a character in Wilfred (U.S. TV Series). He is portrayed by Brad Dourif.

Description Edit

After Red Wolf's death, Wilfred becomes Ryan's spirit guide. After the two begin freezing, Wilfred gives Ryan a flask laced with more ayahuasca leading Ryan to trip into a trip that's a trip in another trip.

This new trip is much darker and has a red tint to it. P.T. appears for the first time surrounded by a photography development station. He appears as an older male with long, grey hair. He reveals to Ryan that Ryan was not afraid of babies crying, but rather being told not to cry. Right before Ryan leaves this trip P.T. hands him a photograph of him and Amanda, indicating he is truly upset over her.

Notes Edit

  • P.T. is what Brad Dourif is casted as in the credits of Questions, what this stands for has never been officially confirmed though it is likely either Photographer Theo or Photgraphy Technician it is never said.
  • He is Ryan's third spirit guide, after Red Wolf and Wilfred.
  • His appearance is a manifestation based off of Theo, the historian/photographer (hence the name) of The Flock Of The Grey Shepherd.

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