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Character Information
Gender Male
Race White
Marital Status Single
Occupation Philanthropist
Status Alive
First Appearance Respect
Last Appearance Sacrifice

Nick is an accomplished middle-aged man who knows Jenna after she did a hero segment about him on the news in Wilfred (US Series). He is played by Charles Esten.


Nick made a name for himself after spending a year in Africa building solar powered houses for the poor and being profiled by Jenna on the news. He describes himself as post-racial Oprah.


Ryan first meets Nick while he is having lunch with Jenna and Nick comes up to greet her. Jenna explains that she profiled Nick for the local hero segment because of his charity work in Africa. He built houses and made shoes for families. He asks Ryan what he does for a living and Ryan can't come up with a real answer leaving the three of them staring at each other in silence.

He briefly appears in Sacrifice as a member of the audience while Ryan hallucinates that he's on trial.