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Mary Steenburgen
Actor Information
Born February 8, 1953
Age 61
Marital Status Married
Occupation Actress
Character Catherine Newman

Mary Steenburgen is an American actress known for her work in the 1980's film Melvin and Howard as well as her work in The Proposal and The Help. She portrays Catherine Newman in the first three seasons of Wilfred (US Series).


Mary Steenburgen was born February 8, 1953 to Nellie Mae Wall and Maurice Steenburgen. In the year 1972, Steenburgen moved to Manhattan where she waitressed while studying acting at New York's Neighborhood Playhouse.

Steenburgen's big break as an actress came when Jack Nicholson met her in the reception room of Paramount's office in New York. After the meeting, she was cast in Goin' South as the female lead. After only her third film, Steenburgen won an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for her work in Melvin and Howard.

In more recent years, Steenburgen has been cast in more humorous roles including roles in Elf, Step Brothers, Four Christmases, and The Proposal. In 2012-2013 she was cast for a recurring role of Diana Jessup in the hit comedy 30 Rock. She is reportedly joining the cast of Orange is the New Black for its third season.

In 1980, Steenburgen married fellow actor Malcolm McDowell. The two had two children together before splitting in 1989.

In 1995, Steenburgen remarried to actor Ted Danson whom she met in 1993 while on the set of Pontiac Moon, becoming stepmother to Danson's two daughters. She is a close friend of Hillary Clinton.