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Character Information
Gender Male
Race White
Marital Status Divorced from Kristen Newman
Occupation Claims Investigation Supervisor
Status Alive
First Appearance Anger
Last Appearance Identity

Leo is Kristen Newman's husband in Wilfred (US Series). He is portrayed by J.P. Manoux.


Leo is a balding middle-aged white man who is married to Kristen in season one. After experiencing many problems in their marriage, Leo finally leaves her after discovering she had an affair with her boss, Arturo Ramos.


Leo was first seen in the episode Anger when he disapproves of the way Kristen idolizes her boss. When Kristen decides to throw a party for Arturo, Leo becomes jealous and angry and the couple begins insulting each other's jobs (we find out they have been seeing a couples therapist) until Leo walks away in anger. While at the party, Leo insults Arturo by drunkenly laughing at his dramatized stories and Kristen cuts him off.

Leo is later mentioned by Kristen while her and Ryan are participating in yoga because Arturo invited her to go to India with him and Leo doesn't think Kristen will be able to adjust to a new culture.

Leo once again appears in Sacrifice walking behind Ryan while Kristen looks through the yard sale Ryan is hosting and later in the audience when Ryan is dreaming that he is on trial.

The last time we see Leo is in Identity when Ryan invites Leo and Kristen over to his place to dangle a failed marriage in front of Jenna and Drew. While at lunch with them, he brings up India in front of Leo which causes him to ask Mr. Patel, a native of India, what he thinks about his homeland. Kristen walks away calling Leo an asshole. They proceed to have an argument on Ryan's porch as Ryan tells Jenna that "when they got engaged they were so in love." When Jenna denies Drew's proposal, Leo comments, "You're dodging a bullet there, pal!" to which Kristen responds by calling him disgusting and going to wait in their car.

While Kristen sits in Ryan's living room she tearfully confesses that she and Leo have been going through a really rough patch so she wants to stay instead of going to India to work things out with the man she loves. She further admits to having an affair with Arturo in the past which Leo is unaware of. When Ryan blackmails Kristen into peeing in a cup for Jenna, she decides to tell Leo the truth so that Ryan can no longer blackmail her in the future resulting in the two separating and her leaving to India. Leo hasn't been seen since.