Kevin Jesquire
Character Information
Gender Male
Race White
Marital Status Unknown
Occupation Past Pharmaceutical Investor
Status Alive
First Appearance Progress
Last Appearance Service

Kevin Jesquire was a coworker with Ryan at the pharmaceutical agency that he work at before it closed down. He is portrayed by Rob Riggle.

Description Edit

Kevin is a middle aged white man who used to work under Jeremy at a pharmaceutical company with Ryan. He has a throat condition that causes a strange guttural noise to erupt from his mouth if he does not take antibiotics. After the company goes under due to someone selling company secrets, Kevin is arrested due to suspicion. He is later released.

Biography Edit

In Progress, Ryan see's Kevin throughout what he believes is a "dream" making strange noises from his throat. When he finally wakes up fully, it is explained that Kevin has a condition that he is getting antibiotics for.

Kevin is seen for the second time in Progress where he is being accused of eating jalapenos off of Amanda's bagels.

Later on, Kevin tries to hook Ryan up with an investment deal with a man named Warner after Ryan overhears him in the bathroom (Now). Ryan agrees at first but while waiting for Warner for a meeting, Kevin receives a text informing him that his son tried to pierce his own scrotum and has to go to the hospital. Kevin refuses to leave the meeting and Ryan realizes that Kevin has not spent any time with his family due to his investments causing Ryan to back out of the deal.

Kevin is last physically seen in Service asking Ryan where Amanda is making inappropriate jokes about Ryan breaking up with her, however, Kevin is later shown in a picture in Honesty because he has been arrested under suspicion for selling company secrets. This crime is discovered to be the act of Amanda and he is released.

Appearances Edit

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