Wilfred Wiki
Character Information
Gender Male
Race White
Marital Status Single
Occupation CEO Pharmaceutical Company
Status Deceased
First Appearance Progress
Last Appearance Service

Jeremy was Ryan's boss in season two of Wilfred (US Series). He is portrayed by Steven Weber.


Jeremy was a controlling and demanding boss at a pharmaceutical company whose goal was to find the cure for cancer. He loves dogs and had an affair with the company's janitor, Ricky.


Jeremy was first introduced in Progress when Ryan was unsure if he was awake or dreaming. In Progress, Jeremy is demanding that Ryan have a report finished by Thursday. When Ryan finally discovers he is awake, Jeremy is congratulating everyone in the company on a job well done considering all employees worked outrageous hours causing them lack of sleep and nourishment. He gives Ryan special praise for being so dedicated in his work.

In Dignity, Ryan is afraid to stand up to his boss who is demanding an unfair amount of work to be finished by the end of the week. Ryan decides to bring Wilfred in to the office and Jeremy immediately warms up in Wilfred's presence, giving Ryan more time. This generosity ends when Jeremy hears of a rival company coming up with a very similar product to theirs and he demands more from Ryan causing Ryan to finally stand up to him at the end of the episode. Jeremy quickly agrees but we find out later that it is because he is receiving a blow job from Ricky and wanted Ryan out of his office ASAP. Ryan returns however and see what's happening and blackmails his boss for extra vacation days.

Jeremy appears for a finale time in Service when he informs the staff that the rival company beat them to the punch and after giving a pep talk, leaves the room and shoots himself.