Jane Kaczmarek
Actor Information
Born December 21, 1955
Age 58
Marital Status Single
Occupation Actress
Character Beth

Jane Kaczmarek is an American actress known for her work as Lois Wilkerson on the television show Malcolm in the Middle. She plays Beth on Wilfred (US Series).

Biography Edit

Jane Kaczmarek was born December 21, 1955 to Evelyn Gregorski and Edward Kaczmarek. Raised a Roman Catholic, Kaczmarek attending the University of Wisconsin to attain a degree in theater and later went on to grad school at Yale's School of Drama.

Kaczmarek's carreer began in 1998 when she was cast in Pleasantville. After winning an LA Drama Critics' Award for her several broadway hits, she was cast for her first television role as Margie Spoletto on For Lovers Only in 1982.

Kaczmarek was cast for her most notable role to date (Lois Wilkerson) in 2000 where she was hailed as a female Homer Simpson. From her work on Malcolm in the Middle, Kaczmarek was nominated and awarded many awards including the Emmy Awards and Golden Globe awards. She was cast for a guest role on Wilfred in 2011.

On August 15, 1992 Kaczmarek married actor Bradley Whitford. Together, the two produced three children whom they lived with in Los Angeles before filing for divorce in June 2009 after almost 17 years of marriage. Kaczmarek founded "Clothes Off Our Back" which holds auctions whose proceeds go to children's charities.Kaczmarek experienced chronic arthritis and was forced to get a hip replacement in 2004 which she recovered from quickly.

She currently resides in San Marino California.

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