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Dogs of War
Season 1, Episode 3
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Adam and Wilfred are at each other's throats; Wilfred resents the fact that Adam takes up all of Sarah's time while Adam is convinced that Wilfred is trying to sabotage his relationship. A covert psychological battle ensues under Sarah's nose. Wilfred urinates on the toilet seat knowing Sarah will blame Adam. In retaliation, Adam successfully plays the hand in warm water trick on Wilfred, to grudging respect. Wilfred begins to dig up old dildos in the garden, prompting Adam to question Sarah about her opinion on sex toys.

When Sarah cooks lamb chops for dinner, Adam attempts to lace Wilfred's with dog laxative. The scheme goes wrong and Sarah ends up in hospital, thinking she has eaten a "bad chop". When she recovers, she suggests that she and Adam should go dildo shopping - but her fantasy is not quite what Adam had in mind!