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Dog Eat Dog
Season 1, Episode 6
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Keith, a famous movie star and "old friend" of Sarah's, comes to visit. He also brings his dog, Cyros, who is a younger and more aggressive hound than Wilfred. Wilfred and Adam both feel threatened by the two interlopers. Keith, Sarah and Adam play totem tennis in the backyard. Keith humiliates Adam, who then plays too aggressively against Sarah and freaks her out. Meanwhile, Wilfred and Cyros brag in an ever-increasing game of one-upmanship. Eventually Cyros threatens to kill Wilfred and replace him in Sarah's life.

Although Sarah is already beginning to tire of Keith's obnoxiousness, Adam and Wilfred believe that they are being usurped and concoct a plan to deal with the situation. Adam, acting unusually manly, mentions that he is going to the hardware store to buy some materials to fix the porch. Keith predictably jumps at the chance to show Adam up. As Keith and Cyros start to drive off, Wilfred feigns being hit by their car. Sarah rushes to Wilfred's aid, and snaps at Keith for being so careless. The pair leave the house in disgrace, and Adam and Wilfred regain their peace of mind.