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Character Information
Gender Male
Race White
Marital Status Single
Occupation Doggy Day Care Owner
Status Alive
First Appearance Acceptance
Last Appearance Acceptance

Darryl is the owner of a doggy day care in Wilfred (US Series). He is portrayed by Ed Helms.

Description Edit

Darryl is a middle aged white man who runs a doggy day care by himself. When Ryan drops Wilfred off because he has to take his sister to work, Darryl forces Wilfred to lick peanut butter off of his testicles.

Biography Edit

Ryan and Jenna meet with Darryl when they drop Wilfred off at his daycare where he meets Bear. Upon meeting Wilfred, Darryl comments that Wilfred must love peanut butter to which Jenna confirms. Before the two leave, Darryl tells them, "Wilfred's gonna have a ball." a hint to his true motives.

Ryan calls to check up on Wilfred and Darryl tells Ryan, "Man he sure does love peanut butter!" Ryan picks Wilfred up later and something seems to be wrong with him. He immediately asks if they can leave then stares downward and refuses to make eye contact when Ryan asks him about Darryl.

While on the walk, Ryan gets Wilfred two scoops of peanut butter ice cream and Wilfred refuses to eat it until he begins crying and licking the ice cream in the manner of licking someone's balls. Ryan realizes what happened to Wilfred while he was at daycare. Ryan assures Wilfred that he doesn't have to go back but Wilfred tells him that they have to save Bear who is also a victim of Darryl's molestation.

Ryan ends the issue when he sends Wilfred back to the daycare and Wilfred calls him begging him to pick him up before Darryl does it again. Ryan rushes to save him and arrives to remove Wilfred from the daycare along with Bear.

Appearances Edit

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