Dalmatian Wilfred
Character Information
Gender Male
Race Dog
Marital Status Nonexistent
Location Ryan's mind
First Appearance Perspective
Last Appearance Perspective

Dalmatian Wilfred is a manifestation created in Ryan's mind during EMDR therapy. He is portrayed by Jason Gann.


Dalmatian Wilfred looks identical to the actual Wilfred albeit instead of a grey shaggy dog suit he dons a white dog suit with black polka dots, reminiscent of a Dalmatian.

His appears in Perspective when Ryan is going through EMDR therapy. He instructs Ryan to Never Trust Wilfred, as he never really burned The Drawing.

He appears again later on in the episode when Ryan spots Wilfred hiding from him in the memory of him drawing The Drawing's Blue Barn. After giving much a chase, Ryan finally catches up to Wilfred. In an abandoned factory-like setting Ryan sees a spaceship in the background, and Wilfred reveals he will be back in a few human decades and to never stop wearing Reebok Pumps. After Ryan refuses to leave, the spaceship begins falling apart and Ryan rips off a layer of Wilfred's suit, revealing the Dalmatian Wilfred's suit underneath. The main point of t

he manifestation that is Dalmatian Wilfred is the point of distracting Ryan from going back to his memory of being in Henry's office is then discovered.


  • He has an extreme love towards Reebok Pumps


  1. Perspective
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