Bite Club
Season 2, Episode 8
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Adam and Wilfred records a trailer for their new movie idea but finds no interested producers. Adam needs to find some money to buy Sarah the wedding ring she wants. Wilfred decides to help him out by taking part in an illegal dogfight, where he gets clobbered by a towering Doberman called Kosciuszko.

Wilfred offers Kosciuszko a part in his movie in exchange for fight training. After weeks of training, Adam enters Wilfred in a large cage fight - Wilfred defeats all challengers, fatally knocking out Kosciuszko in the final. Although Wilfred is devastated, they finally have the money to pay for the ring. At the wedding, Adam and Sarah have just exchanged vows when Adam is arrested for dogfighting while Sarah drowns her sorrows. The final episode closes with an echo of the first.

Wilfred introduces himself to Sam, a wedding guest who was flirting with Sarah. Sam is left speechless as the credits roll.

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