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Character Information
Gender Female
Race White
Marital Status Single
Occupation Lawyer
Status Alive
First Appearance Pride
Last Appearance Pride

Beth is one of the characters in the show Wilfred. She is played by Jane Kaczmarek.


Beth is a single mother of one son and a successful lawyer. Upon a traffic collision with Ryan, she demands that he meet her at her office with his checkbook to pay for the damages. Ryan arrives and after being prompted by Wilfred, decides to sweet talk Beth into forgetting about the charges. The two of them make dinner plans at her house.

Beth makes continuous sexual advantages towards Ryan throughout dinner eventually forcing her son to go to bed so she can have alone time with him. Ryan is resistant but Wilfred, who is in love with Beth's son's stuffed giraffe, won't let him leave. After an awkward sexual experience, Ryan excuses himself to the bathroom and returns to an unconscious Beth. During the night, Wilfred sneaks into the room and licks and slobbers on Beth's dirty unwashed butthole much to her enjoyment.

Convinced he is in love with the giraffe, Wilfred sends Beth flowers in Ryan's name scheduling another night together. Ryan heads over again and gives Beth oral to get her to sign his contract against him paying for the accident. She immediately realizes something is wrong and he is forced to be Wilfred to do what he did previously. Before the deal can be finalized however, Wilfred makes Ryan have sex with the stuffed giraffe in a return for his favor and Beth's son witnesses the encounter causing the two to flee from Beth's house and request money from Ryan's sister, Kristen to cover the damages.