Character Information
Gender Unknown
Marital Status In a Relationship with Wilfred (at time of death)
Status Deceased
Location The Garden
First Appearance Acceptance
Last Appearance Courage

Bear and Wilfred.

Bear is a character in the show Wilfred (US Series). It is played by Lauren Powers in the episode Forward.

Description Edit

Bear is an inanimate, oversized stuffed teddy bear with copious amounts of semen on it. According to Wilfred, Bear is host to a colony of semen ants that feed off of her. It is also, for the most part of the series, Wilfred's sex toy/partner and ex-wife. Bear is missing an eye.

To Wilfred, Bear is a woman wearing a bear costume that shows her midriff. She wears furry boots and arm warmers, along with a bear headpiece. She wears an eye patch that hides her missing eye and is "well endowed." According to Wilfred, Bear is an alcoholic and attends AA meetings. Her sponsor is an origami swan.

History Edit

Pre-Wilfred Edit

It can be gathered that Bear did not have much a history prior to the beginning of the show aside from being held hostage at the doggy day care. It is implied by Wilfred that Darryl raped it, as what Darryl did was worse than what he did to him.

Wilfred Edit

"No, it's a stuffed bear covered in semen."

Bear was rescued by Wilfred and Ryan and started a relationship with Wilfred, who treats it as if a real person. Wilfred can often be seen humping Bear in the background and having fights and arguments. Despite the two often arguing and Wilfred often bullying her, they love each other and get married in Comfort after Wilfred becomes a born again Christian, although after he loses his faith, the two divorce. After Wilfred gets afraid that he will die of cancer, he gives Bear to a few of his dog friends to look after when he is gone. Seconds after Wilfred leaves, the dogs end up shredding her to pieces in seconds.



  • Wilfred sees Bear as a human in a bear costume just as Ryan sees Wilfred as a human in a dog costume.
  • Bear's gender is often put into question. It can be generally assumed that Bear is either Non-Binary or Genderfluid, as there are many indications that Bear is both a male and female.
  • Because Wilfred sees Bear as a woman in a bear suit, it is possible that this is how he sees other animals, such as Jellybeans, and stuffed animals, such as Raffie.
  • Because Wilfred sees Bear the way Ryan sees him and Wilfred is a mental illusion, Bear can technically be considered a figment of Ryan's mind.
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