Barking Behind Bars
Season 1, Episode 7
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After Wilfred defecates on his laptop, Adam decides that he's had enough. He takes Wilfred for a walk in the park and lets him run off. Wilfred is soon captured by two dogcatchers. He calls to Adam who ignores him; Wilfred realizes that Adam meant to have him kidnapped. Adam goes home and explains to Sarah that Wilfred died after getting run over. Sarah is devastated and insists on seeing the body, but he claims to have already cremated and buried Wilfred on a friend's farm. Sarah is unconvinced, forcing Adam to lie further about Wilfred. Meanwhile, Wilfred is in the pound and set to be put down but manages to escape with the help of the other dogs and a sympathetic dogcatcher.

Sarah conducts a backyard burial ceremony for "Wilfred" (actually a pile of bloody bones that Adam has obtained from a butcher). When the real Wilfred turns up, Sarah and Wilfred furiously chase him. Sarah later forgives a bruised and battered Adam, since she thinks that Adam concocted the story to save her feelings.

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