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Arturo Ramos
Character Information
Gender Male
Race Spanish/Cuban
Marital Status Married
Occupation Doctor
Status Alive
First Appearance Anger
Last Appearance Loyalty

Dr. Arturo Ramos is one of the characters in the show Wilfred. He is played by Nestor Carbonell.


Arturo Ramos is the boss of Kristen Newman, Ryan's sister. Throughout the first season, Kristen tries desperately to impress Dr. Ramos. She believes that it could be beneficial to her career however it is later revealed that the two had an brief affair in the past. After Kristen comes clean to her husband, she decides to leave to go to India with Arturo for work.

When Kristen returns from India, she reveals that Arturo impregnated her in there after the two realized they were in love. This is later discovered to be false as he hasn't contacted her in two weeks and sent her a restraining order. After Kristen has an accident, Arturo runs over and rekindles his romance with her but this doesn't last long as Kristen tells Ryan later on that he has since refused to leave his family for her.


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