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Character Information
Gender Female
Race White
Marital Status Single
Occupation Unknown
Status Alive
First Appearance Doubt
Last Appearance Doubt

Angelique is a woman that Ryan goes on a date with in Wilfred (US Series). She is played by Katy Mixon.

Description Edit

Angelique has a profile on an online dating site ( that Ryan used to find a woman that he invited on a date. Her profile states that her favorite music is all types and she enjoys fedoras, gross sexual experiments, and getting drunk.

Biography Edit

When Ryan tells Wilfred that he's going on a date, Wilfred discovers the online dating site that he's been using and chooses Angelique after seeing her favorite music type thinking that she must be an expert in music. When Ryan goes to meet the girl he scheduled the date with, he is met by Angelique instead because Wilfred sent her a message inviting her to dinner. Wilfred describes her as an alcoholic blow job machine.

Ryan tries to leave the date but a condom falls out of his wallet and Angelique believes they are leaving to have sex back at his place.

Appearances Edit

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