Character Information
Gender Female
Race White
Marital Status Single
Occupation Janitor (Previously Biochemist)
Status Alive
First Appearance Progress
Last Appearance Forward

Amanda is one of Ryan's co-workers and ex-girlfriend after Ryan gets over his crush on Jenna during the shows second season. She is portrayed by Allison Mack.  

Biography[edit | edit source]

Amanda was introduced in the episode Progress and has been described as an "attractive and edgy biochemist." She enjoys making inappropriate sex jokes and eating jalapeno bread. In the episode Control it is revealed that she doesn't like dogs due to her grandfather being eaten by his dogs after he passed away. She reacts especially negatively toward Wilfred, though this is later found out to be because she see's Wilfred in a similar way as Ryan sees Wilfred. When challenged by Ryan as to what she hears Wilfred saying she states that she hears him speaking different words in a French accent. 

Amanda starts dating Ryan in Letting Go and falls in love with him in Truth. At one point she is invited to move in with him but Ryan changes his mind because he is afraid she won't be able to accept his secret delusions. Amanda disappears from her job for at least a week before the biotech firm is put out of business due to another employee supposedly selling off company secrets. It is later discovered that Amanda sold the secrets for millions of dollars and put the money into an offshore account in Ryan's name. The crime is pinned on another co-worker and federal investigators begin to investigate Ryan as a suspect. Amanda reveals to Ryan her role in the corporate espionage explaining that she did it because Ryan said he couldn't be with her for his job made him too busy. She says now he won't need a job and asks Ryan to run away with her to Tahiti. Ryan turns her in and she is held for psyciatric evaluation.

Despite her actions bringing federal attention to him, Amanda's love for Ryan seems genuine even before she discovers Ryan's visions of Wilfred (which she believed they shared). According to Amanda, she was treated with a combination of multiple unorthodox methods to solve her mental problems. Eventually when she got well enough, her parents got custody of her and she managed to get a job as a janitor at Ryan's old elementary school.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Amanda can be considered in some aspects a counterpart to Sarah, as she is a love interest of the main male character.
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